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Top 5 Sports Relief Challenges

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Sports Relief 2018 reaches its conclusion today! The excellent charity work is dedicated to raising money for those who are vulnerable in the UK and across the globe. Here at Playfinder we are highlighting our Top 5 Sports Relief Challenges!

Helen Skelton-Myler – Polar Challenge, 2012

The first challenge we have selected was a gruelling task taken up by Helen Skelton-Myler in 2012, who spent 18 days trekking 500 miles to the South Pole. Despite suffering a number of health issues during her expedition, she overcame the struggles to complete the challenge in lows of -48C. She managed to raise £150,000!

David Walliams – Big Splash, 2011

David Walliams embarked on a 140-mile swim up the river Thames in 2011. He was pushed to breaking point in a challenge that began in Gloucestershire and finished at the Houses of Parliament. The £1 million raised, came at a cost as Walliams was affected by ‘Thames Tummy’ and dealt with sewage that had found its way into the Thames. On each of the 8 days he spent in the water, he burnt an estimated 4,400 calories!

Davina McCall – Beyond Breaking Point, 2014

Davina McCall’s travelled from Edinburgh to London to take on her own personal triathlon. She covered 500 miles throughout the challenge. Davina used the support of some celebrity friends to join her during most difficult parts of her adventure. She battled through but in her attempts to swim across lake Windermere she had to be rescued from the water. Despite this small setback and the appalling climate, she managed to raise £760,000 for Sports Relief!

Eddie Izzard – Marathon Man, 2009

Eddie Izzard completed an epic challenge, running 43 marathons in just 52 days. His journey took him across Britain, visiting all the major capital cities. He was successful in his approach, running a remarkable 30 miles each day. This allowed for essential rest days to help recuperate. He battled against the elements and the strain put on his own body to run a total of 1,100 miles and raise £200,000 for Sports Relief.

Helen Skelton-Myler – Amazon Adventure, 2010

Helen Skelton-Myler makes our top 5 challenges once again! She spent 6 week kayaking down the Amazon river. Beginning the voyage in Peru she struggled for 14 hours per day, and 2,010 miles later reached her final destination in Brazil. Helen battled both sickness and dehydration in her attempts to raise money for Sport Relief. Helen’s journey gave her some personal success as she claimed two world records!