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What to expect from your Wimbledon experience

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Never been to Wimbledon? Planning on going? Wondering what the Wimbledon experience is like? Well, this will give an insight into what to expect at Wimbledon as a fan, good and bad!

The Journey

The Wimbledon Championships is held in a fantastic location, and whether you prefer bus, train or tube, these can all be used to reach the club at SW19. However! Sometimes these can take the whole Wimbledon fortnight or leave you stressed to the point you want to go home and not bother.

Your best bet is to get the tube nice and early (5:00/30am) which tends to be the most common and preferred. Alternatively, avoid the whole journey by pitching up a tent at Wimbledon Park! Join the hundreds in the queue and claim good spots to have a much better chance of getting the best tickets.

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Get tickets on the day – but be prepared to queue!

Unlike other sporting events, at Wimbledon, you can still turn up on the day and buy a ticket – but expect ridiculous queues! Despite the crazy queues its all part of the tradition of Wimbledon. What no one tells you is that, for court tickets, these tend to go to people who sleep overnight in a tent or were successful in the ballot. They’re very precious! For general ground pass tickets which cost £20 which I believe is a bargain, arriving at 6 am should do the trick.

Lastly, a cheeky little tip for you. People leave the ground all the time so don’t be shy and ask for there tickets into Centre or Court 1. I have done it, it works.

Wimbledon queue

Can we talk about the tennis now?

If you’ve finally made it in, there are tennis matches being played and it’s now time to digest some professional tennis! The decision on what court is a tough one. Take some advice, go for the unfashionable courts where the noise is. Court 18 is a fantastic court to go to as they often have big name players and its located right near the hill (or mound.)

These courts have people cheering for one of the following: anyone British, underdog or a former champion. Your Wimbledon experience will be at its highest during these matches!

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Pimms and Strawberries & Cream

When at Wimbledon, you love nothing more than the thought of a jug of ice cool refreshing Pimms along with some delicious strawberries & cream, it is a tradition at the end of the day.

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, although it is lovely it will set you back a few quid. Nonetheless, it’s all part of the Wimbledon experience. Just don’t expect much change from a £20 note. If you wanted to save a bit of money, bring your own picnic with your own strawberries.


The Britsh hope(s)

We have been blessed in recent years beginning with Sir Andy Murray treating us with two titles and last year Johanna Konta powering her way all the way to the semi-finals. So who have we got to cheer on this year? Well, Murray who only returned from a year-long hip injury at Queens last week so is still 50/50 for Wimbledon. Konta, who has struggled for form since her impressive semi-final last year, but I wouldn’t discount her. 

So who does that leave? Well, we have a new British No.1 in the shape of Yorkshire lad Kyle Edmund.  Who has risen up the rankings to No.18 after an impressive Australian Open where he went all the way to the semi-finals. So much of the hope rests on his young shoulders. Additionally, on the men’s side of the draw, we have Cameron Norrie, Liam Broady and Jay Clarke flying the flag for GBR. On the ladies side, we have a grand total of nine ladies in the main draw which include the ever popular Heather Watson and a star in the making Katie Swan competing for the Venus Rosewater Dish.


Celebrity Spotting

The Wimbledon Championship is no stranger to a celeb! Sometimes when walking around the Wimbledon grounds, you may just come across one. It’s then over to you in deciding whether a selfie or playing it cool is the right thing to do.

Not to worry if not, the royal box always receives regular cover from the TV cameras. Regular attendees include Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, David Beckham and Stephen Fry.

royal box

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