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Best sport social media accounts to follow during COVID-19

Our Top 5 social media accounts to follow during COVID-19

Following the most recent guidelines from Boris Johnson instructing everyone to stay home. The governments latest set of instructions were commanded under a matter of urgency to stop the pandemic spreading, to save beds and NHS workers dealing with growing overcapacity.

Following these strict instructions from the government urging people to stay home, understandably an element comes into finding out what to do with your day.

Do you find a new hobby, do more home exercise, spend more time on social media or read more?

Even if you don’t admit it, it’s fair to say everyone has upped their daily dose of social media to help them get past the pain of sitting on the sofa twiddling your thumbs with no idea of what to do.

On the basis of this, we picked 5 sport accounts to follow that might give you some inspiration on how you could be spending your time differently.

Who to follow

  1. Liv Cooke (@LivCookefs)
    The master of freestyle football. She really has inspired many during this bleak time of COVID-19. With her daily #TutorialsForIsolation including the fan favourite ‘around the world’ – making the skill look easy for any level participant of the game.

2. F2Freestylers (@F2Freestylers)

Globally recognized football freestylers Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove. From filming with comedians to the most outrageous trick shots you will see, there is definitely some daily dosage time for these guys!

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you guys asked for it…👀🧻✅ TAG someone who should try this! #StayAtHomeChallenge 🏡⚽️

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3. Joe Wicks (@thebodycoach)

Also known as ‘TheBodyCoach’, you may have heard the phrase ‘leanin15’ before. Joe is notoriously known for his HIIT workouts and 15-minute meals. As of Monday, he has been providing primary school PE lessons on a youtube live stream, totalling a staggering 5 million viewers and there are no signs of him slowing down.


4. Gym Shark (@gymshark) 

One of if not the most trendy gym clothing brands, putting sales marketing on pause for a moment and giving the people what they want. Their feed is filled with various home workouts any would be able to partake in, so whatever the goal there is definitely something there for you!

5. Sport England (@Sport_England)

A step back from the trick shots, tutorials and funnys. An account that is a very worthwhile follow, during times of difficulty and uncertainty. Sport England provides vital information for all levels of sports, whether it might be the latest update on the Olympics or keeping on top of all social advice regarding exercising and guidelines given by No.10.

Let us know any other accounts that have kept your spirits high during difficult times like these @Playfinder. 

Feature image credit – The Body Coach TV