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Sport is the perfect way to boost your mental wellbeing for 2020

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The New Year is the perfect chance to set personal goals and ensure your 2020 vision is realised. A strong starting point is doing everything possible to enhance your mental wellbeing as it provides the platform for personal growth. The so-called January blues need not play a factor.

Mental wellbeing can be nurtured in numerous ways and doing more physical activity is one of those key methods. Regular physical activity improves your mood and energy levels, while scientific research has shown sport and exercise reduce stress while simultaneously fighting fatigue, improving alertness and concentration.

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January is an ideal time to set sporting goals for the year, however there are some considerations to be aware of to help reach these targets.

A recent WW (formerly Weight Watchers) study of 2,000 adults found two in five plan to try a different diet or fitness routine in 2020, with 58% getting a ‘buddy’ to do it with them.

The study also found two thirds are planning on getting healthy with their other half, while a fifth are taking the plunge with a friend. Sport is a wonderful way to combine the two. The report went onto reveal the average adult admitted to falling out of a gym routine after 10 weeks and slipping up around eight weeks into a diet.

Visiting the gym is a lonely experience, while playing sports is anything but. Sports offer a chance for people to share experiences, have a laugh, develop new friendships and offer encouragement to others.

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