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Playfinder’s Top 5 Sport Podcasts

Time to stop scrolling through Netflix, there’s no live Premier League games on there, trust me I’ve checked!

Now it’s great to see so many people getting into a routine at home to stay active and workout while we all face this challenge – and we all deserve a bit of entertainment while we do it.

No doubt that it’s a little tough to get that sporting fix at the moment but there are several ways that we can get that dose of sporting action and excitement while we are all at home. Be that through films, documentaries or just a good read, there’s something for everyone.

But if you’re looking for something different and you’ve exhausted the bookshelves, then why not stick those earphones on and immerse yourself into some sport podcasts?

Following on from last week’s top five sport autobiographies, Playfinder have put together a list of our highest recommended sport podcasts to keep you entertained in the coming days.

So without further ado, let’s kick it off!


5) The High Performance Podcast    iTunes Rating: 4.5/5

First up we have the creation of sports broadcaster Jake Humphrey and leading industry psychologist Damian Hughes as they delve into how the minds of high-performing athletes work and how those at the top of their game prepare to compete. Each episode, the pair are joined by guests who open up about their own strategies and superstitions to get their body and mind ready to win. An interesting look at the science of sport and influence of psychology in modern sport.

4) House of Rugby    iTunes Rating: 4.5/5

If a podcast could embody a great chinwag about rugby with a few mates down the pub then this would be it. Former England rugby star, James Haskall, invites new friends on each episode to chat about the ins and outs of professional rugby and perhaps the things you don’t see when tuning in to a game on a Saturday afternoon. The podcast also debates the future of English rugby from a professional and amateur standpoint.

3) Tailenders Podcast    iTunes Rating: 5/5

This one is certainly not a traditional take on the world cricket. Greg James and Felix White are joined by England cricket legend, Jimmy Anderson each week to discuss everything weird and wonderful about cricket in this light-hearted and addictive podcast. The show is not bereft of going off topic but is well worth a listen, if not just to hear about Jimmy’s tales of his incredible career in the game.

2) That Peter Crouch Podcast   iTunes Rating: 5/5

Peter Crouch has recently started to become somewhat of a cult hero in the footballing world, and with this podcast, he has quite rapidly taken his post-playing days by storm. This show has almost given the sports podcast world a rebirth and has been one of the most popular podcasts of the year. Delving into Crouchy’s playing days and his experiences at highest echelons of the football, this show is a very easy listen – mostly due to Chris Stark’s wit as well as some great anecdotes from Crouch.

1) Match Of The Day: Top 10 Podcast

So, while it was difficult to leave Crouchy in second place, it is only fair that this one takes top spot. And no, before you ask, it’s not the same – Saturday nights without Match Of The Day just don’t seem right at all. Even those boring games towards the back end of the running order are being missed by everyone. But on this podcast, Lineker, Wrighty and Shearer team up each week to debate the Top 10s of the Premier League era. Each 45-minute nugget of football nostalgia is well worth a listen making it a tad easier to forget about the currently postponed season. Flawless chemistry and a few unearthed anecdotes together make it our number one. (Available only on BBC Sounds)

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Feature image credit: BBC